Why people prefer windows 7 more than any other?

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Microsoft has launched different options in Windows operating systems till date, but a vast number of people still have struck up with using Windows 7 more than any other options. It is not such that other operating systems fell short of usable features, but the thing here is the presence of some unmatchable features. In addition to it, some regular updates with some additional features had made it more efficient now. This operating system works efficiently on different types of hardware. We are here with some of the reasons why people prefer Windows 7 more than any other options. Hope they are helpful for the people to know. These are:

  • Preinstalled device drivers: Windows 7 has taken off you from the headache of installing device drivers externally. It includes preinstalled device drivers that have made it entirely natural to go further with the installing process. The feature of preinstalled device drivers is also present in other Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and various others as well; but it works best and efficiently in Windows 7. You are now going to have good riddance along with now annoying yellow question marks. The presence of preinstalled device drivers had made it just a plug and play option where you only have to install Windows 7 and start working immediately.
  • Piracy: A large number of Windows users worldwide are currently using the pirated versions; it is a common thing but the only thing disturbs you most is that you are not going to have easy access to your roundabout programs and might also suffer some security threats as well. But if you are working with Windows 7; you are far-far away from such annoying situations. You can easily enjoy your favorite movies, photos and much without having any hesitation. Also, the sharing of media is also an easy and quick process here. One of another fantastic thing about Windows 7 is that it is one of the most secure and protected operating systems that offer extreme protection to your privacy and data stored.
  • Better interface: Presence of a straightforward, interactive and user-friendly interface is also one of the other reasons “people prefer Windows 7 more than any other”. The design is so simple and easy to use that everyone can easily work upon it efficiently without having any difficulty. Presence of new Aero feature had made your computer system more interactive. You can now easily know about the outlines of all of the opened Windows behind your active window with the help of related thumbnail previews just with the help of few clicks only. In short, we can also say that Aero had made your working procedure much more comfortable than you ever had before.
  • Better hardware support: Windows 7 is one of the best-operating systems provided by Microsoft till date whose compatibility is one of the specific features that needed to be appreciated. This operating system is well designed and developed to work on old as well as newer hardware options as well. Touch screen options, multi-touch support are some of the more unique and additional features that had made it one of the most preferred Windows operating system till date. Microsoft Windows 7 is being developed to work efficiently with more than 256 processors and hence serves as one of the primary reason behind its popularity.
  • Amazing looks: Windows 7 is one of the sexiest operating systems provided by Microsoft to date. It goes well with your entire gadget while offering those amazing looks and interface to work upon. Newer updates for Windows 7 are going to make your computer system even much beautiful. You are going to have extra details, polish, gradients and better user interface that will clear your desktop from the unwanted clutter present there.


Most of the people today prefer Windows 7 more than any others. The reasons are many here. From having an interactive interface to its compatibility; from better looks to better hardware supports; from piracy terms to preinstalled device drivers; many options add more into the user experience. We have summed up here some of the reasons explaining the reasons behind making Windows 7 most preferred operating system till date.