Where is Windows 10 start menu located

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Windows 10 start menu is a very beautiful updated feature in Windows 10 designed by the engineers of Microsoft. Here is the simple navigation of using this start menu, we could easily access this menu and use it. Let’s see where this start menu of Windows 10 located and how to get started using it.

To see start menu location first log in to the system

First of all login to your computer using your credentials. To login switch on your computer and enter your user name and password as seen in the image below.







See where start menu located and how to access the menu

After your successful login attempt, you will find a screen where your home screen will appear to you and it is very well visible to all. Click on Windows sign at the left corner bottom and get your start menu in front of you with lots of apps and tools or click on Windows sign-on a keyboard to get the same start menu. If you start menu is not working then read articles regarding the issue.



Access all apps, tools and everything offered in Windows 10 start menu easily. Read our related article to know how to use Windows 10 new start menu and access its features. We can sort out the start menu at our convenience like we can here add or delete apps from the home start menu screen. Some tools which will appear to the left side of the menu screen could be used in a single click. Tools like Internet Explorer, remote desktop connection, event viewer, feedback hub and many more all which can be sorted out by most used first. And to the right side of the screen, we find multiple apps and we could scroll the cursor to see more apps.

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