What we should do if we are not getting sound after reinstalling Windows XP?

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Being a modern PC user, you would surely be aware of the thing that how important is the sound of Windows for it. It not only let you know about the different functioning’s of Windows but also enables you to play MP3 or videos on it. moreover, as we are living in the world of advancement and technology, a lot of other applications such as video calling, voice calling, Skype, Yahoo, GoogleTalk etc are there that really needs the sound system to work properly.

It really gets a very annoying situation when you reinstall your Windows XP and you get no sound there. If you are also one of them who are just facing this annoying situation, don’t get upset as we are here with the perfect solution for you. The process for re-correcting sound in Windows XP is quite simple and easy to go along with and takes hardly a few minutes of yours to accomplish it successfully. All you need to have to open up the Sounds and Audio Device Properties and add a few changes there.

How to fix sound problems in Windows XP?

Method 1: Altering Sound card options from BIOS

  • If you are using the onboard audio card, go to the Bios option and then just enable Onboard Audio Device from there.
  • Once done with it, just follow the manual options provided there and enable sounds for your device successfully.
  • If you are using offboard audio card or separate sound card, just disable the Onboard Audio Device option from Bios so as to go further with the process.

Method 2: Managing Device Drivers

  • If you are facing some sound problems in your Windows the following guide is surely going to help you a lot in this.
  • Open your Control Panel and then double-click on the System icon available there.
  • Go to the System Properties and then select Hardware option.
  • Once done select the Device Manager option from there to go further with the process.
  • Now, open Sound, video and game controllers group and just check that whether Sound is listed here or not. If not you can also make a search in “Other devices” or “Unknown devices” as well for the same.
  • If the sound is being enabled in Unknown devices, it may be due to the absence or addition of incorrect device driver.
  • Just reinstall the device drivers to make your system working properly.


Method 3: Adding changes into Sounds and Audio Devices option

If you have tried both the above methods and still don’t have still get the perfect solution, just use the provided below to enjoy successful accessing.

  • Open your Control Panel and then make a double click on “Sounds and Audio Devices” option provided there.
  • Uncheck the Mute Checkbox and select the volume too high.
  • Go to the Advanced Audio Properties option and then click on “Advanced” option. Don’t forget to have a valid Speaker setup.
  • Uncheck No Speakers option and then press OK to go continue with the process.
  • Press continuously the speaker volume button to make it high and then press OK.
  • Press Sounds and Audio Devices Properties option and then select Audio tab from there.
  • Go to Sound playback option followed by clicking on Default device > Sound playback > Volume > Volume Control and then clear all Mute Checkboxes from there.
  • Once done all with the above process, just repeat the process with MIDI music playback option as well.

How to check if Audio Service is running?

If you have done successfully with the above process and are now trying to check if it is working properly or not, just do as directed below:

  • Open up your Control Panel and then select the Administrative Tools option from there.
  • Make a double click on the Component Services option that will open up a separate Window over there.
  • Go to the left-hand pane option and then click on the Services option there.
  • Now scroll down the Windows Audio service there and then make sure not to enable it.
  • Make a right click on it, and then go to the Properties option provided in the popup option.
  • Type Automatic in the provided column to set the startup again.
  • Check your sound card resources to find out the sound problems in games if any have.