What problem can I face if I am using pirated windows 10?

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Using pirated Windows is not a big deal if being used for daily purposes. Million, of people worldwide, are currently using pirated Windows these days, might be including you as well. It gets tough for various people to get the original license of Windows 10 as the costs are high. Windows 10 is the latest and limited version of Microsoft that is being used by millions of people worldwide.  Using windows 10 pirated version download can create some big issues if working on some big projects.

There are plenty of risks are involved with the situation that you need to get aware about especially when we are using the same one as well. People worldwide are using pirated Windows 10 without considering the problems related to pirated Windows, only due to the thing that it is free to use. If you are one of the users who are not using a genuine copy of Windows 10, it is going to affect your experience inevitably and also can be easily targeted by the different activators and the hacking tools available online. As we are going to aware you about the various risk factors related to the usage of pirated Windows 10, below is the list of risks provided with the same.

Poor quality of the activator

Windows activator is one of the most common things that affect its performance.  Higher will be the quality of the activator, better will be the performance of your Windows operating system and hence more smoothly will it run.

Missing updates

It is another one of the most common pirated Windows 10 problems that might affect the performance of your Windows negatively. Usage of non-reliable pirated Windows may break your experience from day one. As you all may be familiar to the fact that regular updates for your Windows are very much necessary for the smooth and continuous working of your Windows, but if you miss an upgrade, there might be chances that it might affect your modified configuration and hence can break the big circle as well. It will change the security and privacy of your device by missing the security patches being provided during the working cycle and hence make your system easily vulnerable to different attacks.

Poor performance

It is another most common disadvantage of pirated windows 10. Actually what happens is that the usage of pirated Windows to your system will affect the settings and add specific changes to the ecosystem of your computer system? As we have mentioned you earlier that the performance of Windows 10 depends upon the quality of Windows 10. It is entirely a game of gambling, as you might get a copy near about similar to the perfect one whereas there are a lot of chances as well that you might find a copy that won’t even work up properly, or start the process. In the case you have not found a genuine copy then read how to fix Windows 7 not genuine problem and reinstall genuine copy again.

Security threats

There are a lot of chances that you might fall into some security threats if you are using a pirated version of Windows 10 on your computer system. The security of pirated Windows 10 is not so high, and hence can be easily breakdown by the cyber attackers as we have mentioned you earlier that you are not going to get any regular updates if using pirated Windows and hence enhance the risk factor on your computer system as well.

Limited functioning

Using the pirated version of Windows 10 may also lead to the problem of limited operation. You are not allowed to use different apps and services even if you are planning to get them from the Microsoft store as if using a pirated version of the same as well.


A massive number of people worldwide are currently using a pirated copy of windows 10. There are several disadvantages of pirated windows 10 that might affect your performance and bring a handful of risks towards you as well. From poor functioning to security threats, from missing updates to limited operation several things may create a hurdle in your ride. So, if you are willing to have smooth and secure access on your Windows 10, we prefer you to go with the original product, even if the prices are slighter higher.