The Windows 7 Taskbar Got Stuck In Safe Mode, How To Solve The Problem

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The frozen taskbar is a non-responsive state of the taskbar. You may have a frozen taskbar or a taskbar that does not respond after a Windows change, such as updating or updating Windows 10, updating the anniversary of Windows 10, etc. In this case, you cannot click on anything in the Windows taskbar, including the right click.

Well, the icons or the Start menu are dead, and you cannot click on a frozen taskbar. Definite it will create the issue for you. ! Since many users face the problem of the frozen taskbar in Windows 7, 10, 8.1, etc., today I will talk about how to fix a frozen Windows taskbar.

How to solve the issue when Windows 7 taskbar got stuck in safe mode
In general terms, several factors can make the taskbar not work, such as an incorrect execution of Windows Explorer, frequent items in the Skip List, disabled services, etc. Here are five solutions to correct a taskbar that does not respond.

Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer to resolve the problem in the frozen taskbar

As it is not convenient to click on the taskbar, you must use some shortcut keys to solve the problem of the frozen taskbar.

Use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start the Task Manager.
Select Windows Explorer in the list and then click on the Restart button in the lower right.
For some Windows operating systems, for example, Windows 7, you must finish the task manually and then execute a new one:

Click on Windows 7 Explorer and then choose End Task option.
Click on File in the menu and select Execute new task.
Type explorer.exe in the pop-up dialog box and press Enter or click OK.
Note: You must enable the Windows Firewall before the previous steps. Go to the Services tab in the Task Manager to verify if the MpsSvc service, whose description is Windows Firewall, is running.

Method 2: Re-enable the User Manager

Sometimes, the Disabled User Manager will also generate a frozen Windows taskbar. Therefore, re-enable the User Manager to defrost the taskbar that does not respond or has been blocked.

Use the Windows Win + R shortcut keys to start to Execute.
Double-click on the User Manager and select Automatic under Startup type.
Click on the OK and then restart the computer.
Method 3: Disable newly opened items

This method is to the right click on the Start menu or the taskbar problem. If you cannot get the Jump List or the Context Menu with a right click on the frozen taskbar, you may consider disabling recently opened items and speeding up the launch of the list.

Use the Windows Win + I shortcut keys to open the Configuration.
Select Customization and then select the Start tab in the left column.
Deactivate the option Show recently opened items in Jump Lists in Star or the taskbar.