The basic problem we face while using windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 is one of the newest operating system provided by Microsoft that everyone knows. From a little bit tricky interface to bugs there have been detected various problems in 8.1. If you are also going to install Windows 8.1 to your computer system, it is wise to know about the different risk factors you might face throughout, and some of these are:

Missing Start Menu: It is one of the first problems that you are going to face while working with Windows 8.1 is the missing start menu. Microsoft has introduced the newer concept here as per name “App View” which is much similar to the start menu.

Explorer.exe bug: Most of the Windows 8.1 users face problem “Windows Explorer has stopped working” even if they just have installed the latest and updated version of the Windows. It is one of the annoying Windows 8.1 issues that everyone doesn’t want to face. Most of the times this annoying problem arises due to the presence of a bug between the operating system and the hardware driver installed for that operating system. If you are also one of those who are facing this issue, reinstallation of Windows 8.1 to your computer system is one of the sure short methods of resolving the problem.

Svchost.exe malware: It is another one of the most annoying malware attacks especially for Windows 8.1 that affects the functioning and performance of Windows. Presence of this malware into your Windows 8.1 version may lead to the forced crash of your PC further leading to the deletion of your unsaved files. If being Windows 8.1 users, you are also suffering from the same issue, you can resolve this issue by downloading a finest and latest version of some free or premium antivirus software to your device.

Creation of multiple duplicate files: It is really one of the annoying Windows 8.1 related problems that not only abrupt the proper functioning of your device but in fact also adds a lots of burden on the memory of your computer system by creating multiple duplicate copies of the same files even those that have not modified as well.

Unwanted Windows: Presence of an unwanted and extra window is one of another Windows 8.1 related problems. The problem usually arises due to the various ongoing background processes. This problem may lead to adding a burden on the expenditure of extra energy.

Blank Windows Explorer: It gets very awkward if you continuously try to open up a window and it does not open up or open up blank. Blank Windows Explorer problem usually arises at the time of computer booting. This annoying problem can be quickly resolved by deleting the entry option in the Registry editor.

Blue Screen: Appearance of the blue screen is another most common problem that the Windows 8.1 users face. Reasons behind the arrival of such annoying situation are numerous and undetectable. Usually, the problem arises up with a blue screen and a message DRIVER_IRQL-NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. This message is a signal that the Windows you are using on has been crashed due to some unknown reasons. You can quickly resolve the problem y updating the antivirus you are using on your Windows up to its latest and advanced version.

Activation error: It is one of the annoying situations that most of the users usually face and especially when they are updating their Windows from version 7 to 8.1. Often the problem arises due to the stocking of your Windows 7.

Unclear screen: Many of the Windows 8.1 faces problems like obscure screen where some of the programs face. The question usually arises due to the poor or low compatibility of the operating system towards some of the applications. Just opt for the advanced version of the same if you are looking to resolve the problem without making many efforts.


It will be beneficial to remain updated with the various problems the Windows 8.1, if you are also looking for installing it on your computer system, so that you can thoroughly prepare yourself with the solutions as well. We have tried here some of the most common Windows 8.1 issues that the users usually face, hope it will help you a lot.