How To Use New Start Menu in Windows 10

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The desktop start menu is ultimately back! After receiving a number of negative user comments, Microsoft ditched the touchscreen-first technique of home windows 8 and went with a greater conventional setup for mouse-and-keyboard customers in home windows 10. But things are not exactly as they had been earlier than. This new begin menu—at the same time as reputedly familiar at first look—packs in plenty of latest functions and capability. To help you research your way around Windows 10’s maximum central menu, I will move over a number of the key functions and adjustments underneath.

Start Menu Can Now Be Resized

First up, one of the coolest functions of the home windows 10 start menu is that it could without problems be resized. In case you feel just like the default view is just too tall and slim, just use your mouse pointer to pull from any edge of the start menu, and it’ll be resized in actual time.

Resize Start Menu in Windows 10

Icons Can Be Resized, Rearranged & Removed

If the start menu’s default layout does not quite appear to prioritize the apps and information you deem most essential, it is quite smooth to reorganize. For starters, you can use your mouse to click and hold any icon, then drag it into a spot that works higher for you. 

Icons Can be Resized

As you will note, a few icons are larger than others—but they do not need to stay that way. in case you’d like to resize an icon in your start menu, just proper-click it, then hover over the “Resize” option, and select among small, medium, extensive, or huge.

This same proper-click menu can be used to show off the stay Tile function for an app, or maybe remove an icon altogether. If you find the live Tile animations too distracting, simply proper-click on an icon and pick “turn stay tile off.” To take away the tile altogether, select “Unpin from the beginning” on this same menu.

Access Your Apps

The home windows 10 start menu is more than simply an area to place all of your Live Tiles. Similar to previous Windows versions, you could get entry to all of your installed apps via the start menu with some simple clicks. To begin, simply open your begin menu and click the “All Apps” button near the top bottom-left corner.

From here, you will get an alphabetized list of all of your installed apps. You can scroll via the listing using both your mouse wheel and the scroll bar immediately to the right, then release any app by means of clicking it once.

Adding Items In Main Start Menu

In case you locate your self-using a specific app greater than maximum, remember pinning it for your begin menu for faster get admission to. from your “All Apps” list, just right-click on an app, then pick “Pin to Start” to any extent further, this app may be on hand in the proper pane of your start menu.

Add Items In Main Start Menu

Apps aren’t the simplest aspect you could pin to the Windows 10 Start Menu—folders and different items may be pinned as well. Using home windows Explorer, simply right-click on an eligible item, then select “Pin to start” for short get entry to.

Turn Off & Reboot Your Pc

In past home windows versions, power options which include “Restart,” “close Down,” and “Sleep” have migrated from the start menu to windows eight’s funky “Charms” bar, however, in Windows 10, those options are properly returned in which they must be. To restart, power off, or hibernate your laptop, click the “strength” access in the start menu, then pick out your chosen alternative.

Search Anything From Start Menu

windows 10 comes with an outstanding new virtual assistant named Cortana that lets in you to search your laptop and the internet the use of voice commands, but most of these same functions can be accessed with a keyboard by way of a manner of the begin menu.

To fast locate programs and files, or even carry out an internet seek, just press the home windows key for your keyboard, then type your query as soon as the start menu comes up (or hit the windows key + S). Your installed packages will take precedence on this listing, so launching an app with your keyboard is as simple as pressing the windows key, typing the call, and then hitting Enter.

If Windows 10 Start Menu is Not working

We use to get many issues when we use Windows, some we face because of less knowledge about that operating system. Sometimes start menu of Windows 10 not work which is the serious issue and we should look into this. Follow the link if want to fix Windows 10 start menu issue which seems very easy to fix here by reading our related article.


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