How to update drivers on my old windows 2000 system?

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Windows 2000 is one of the oldest operating systems of Windows. What to do if you really get fed up using these old drivers or are looking forward to updating it. Updating drivers on Windows 2000 system is a little bit tricky task that needed to be done very carefully. We have summed up here some of the few solutions, have a glance:

Method 1: Automatic update: It is one of the most natural ways to upgrade the old Windows 2000 drivers. Just create a proper backup for your Windows, and it will automatically detect the differences between the hardware configuration information between the computer system and its critical registry entries. Your computer system will create a secure backup to the source computer and will help you in updating its device drivers.

Method 2: Motherboard swapping: You can also go for swapping the motherboard of your old Windows 2000 with the other one for updating its device drivers. Once done, don’t forget to reboot your device in a safe mode that will delete the old hardware from device manager and install the newer one.

Method 3: Delete the previous drivers, reboot and redirect: If the problem you are facing with the device drivers of Windows 2000 is due to operating system drivers, you can quickly delete them to get the newer one. All you need to do here is uninstall the previous drivers, remove and then shut down your computer system to change your hardware system. Boot your device into BIOS so that you can add desired changes into it and then let your Windows restart once again.

Method 4: Boot on and alter primary Microsoft drivers: It is another one of the most preferred solutions to update old Windows 2000 device drivers with the compatible one. The newly installed hardware can be easily detected, and the specifically optimized drivers can be loaded once your system starts running. All you need to do here is:

  • Boot your computer system using the previous device drivers.
  • Now go to your Control Panel and then reboot your system once again.
  • Uninstall the required driver from your device.
  • Go to the Device Manager option followed by moving towards the section of IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.
  • Make a double click on the option of entry for the controller and then change the driver to by default Microsoft drivers, i.e., “Standard Dual-Channel PCI IDE Controller.”
  • On the successful completion of the above process, now set DMA to “PIO Only” option by double-clicking on the IDE controller option.
  • Set your USB keyboard drivers, mouse drivers, video card and display drivers to default drivers.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, now disable all the network and sound adapters provided here.
  • Shut down your computer system and then replace the motherboard as per your requirements.
  • Once done, now power up your computer system and then move forward into the BIOS setup option.
  • Keep your ACPI in BIOS enabled if Windows 2000 is being installed with ACPI or disable it if your Windows 2000 has been installed without it.
  • On the successful completion of the entire process successfully, don’t forget to reboot your Windows 2000 and then boot into Windows 2000.
  • If required you can also install the optimized IDE/ATAPI drivers to your computer system efficiently.

Method 5: Microsoft System Preparation Tool: It is another excellent method for updating your device drivers for Windows 2000. All you need to do here is:

  • Open your web browser and search Research SysPrep tool there.
  • Download the latest version this application tool to remove all the device drivers from your computer system and then allow your computer system to shut down.
  • Once done, with the above process, shut down your computer system, remove the motherboard from our device, add the updated one and then reboot your computer system once again.
  • Don’t forget to backup your profile data before going further with the update of device drivers.


If you are also one of those who have got fed up working with the oldest drivers of my old Windows 2000, we have got a perfect solution here. We have mentioned you above the different methods to update drivers on old Windows 2000.