How to get rid of blue screen error on windows 8?

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Windows 8 blue screen error codes are one of the most common and most annoying mistakes that we usually face while working on Windows 8. It is also called as black screen error or stops code error. It is one of the most annoying situations that generally arise due to the crash down of your Windows due to specific reasons. This issue often leads to the shutting down of your computer system unexpectedly and hence may also serve as one of the most common reasons behind the deletion of unsaved files.

Reasons behind this annoying problem are multiple, as it might be due to the idea of some hardware issues or might be due to the improper working of some of your software as well. For making it much simpler for you, Windows 8 users sometimes may face a situation where the screen gets halts further preventing you from accessing your different software applications.
Reasons behind blue screen error on Windows 8: As we have mentioned you earlier that the reasons behind windows 8 blue screen error codes are multiple. We are here providing you one of the most common:

Corruption of critical operating system data
Failure in the recovery of data files
Nonrecoverable functioning of hardware
Clashing of different files due to the compatibility reasons among hardware drivers and software applications
Fixes: As we have mentioned you earlier that the reasons behind the arrival of Windows 8 blue screen no text are multiple and hence goes same with the solutions as well. We are here providing you a different answer for this annoying problem, go through it carefully.

Method 1: Run Check disc command:
It is a solution where remote boot device is one of the major problems present out there. The issue can be quickly resolved by installing original Windows 8:

Insert your Windows 8 installation file into the disc and then restart your PC.
Press any of the keys to boot your file from the disc.
Once done, now click on the option of Repair your computer from there and then select Troubleshoot followed by Advanced options and then Command Prompt
Once done, now type the command” chkdsk /f/f in the provided column and then press Enter
Method 2: Reconfiguring the boot configuration data:
You can also configure the booth configuration data to get rid of this annoying blue screen issue. The process is:

Boot your computer system from the original install disc and then press the Repair option provided on your home screen followed by selecting Troubleshoot and then command prompt.
Add commands:
Bootrec /fixmber
Bootrec /fixboot
Bootrec / scanos
Boothrec /rebuildbcd.
Furthermore, you can also go for taking out the installation disc and then reinserting into the disk tray. If the problem persists, you may also go for removing out all of the RAM modules except one followed by rebooting your device.

Method 3: Reinstall Windows or replace the hard disc:
If you are facing “blue screen error on Windows” it might be due to the reason that your hard disk has been got corrupted due to some reasons. So we prefer here you to check your hard disk to find out the reason behind it. Once done, try to reinstall Windows or replace the hard drive as soon as possible to get rid of the problem. Moreover, sometimes loose cable connection may also lead to the arrival of this annoying situation. So before going further with the procedure, check out your hard disk cables whether they are connected properly or not.

Method: 4 Rearrange the system thread:
Any disturbance in the system thread may also lead to the arrival of this annoying problem, most of the times appear due to the incompatible graphics drivers. So rearrange the system thread by following the instructions given below:

Restart your computer system and then press the F8 key.
Click Repair your computer system followed by clicking on Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Windows Startup Settings.
Click Restart > Advanced Boot Options > Safe Mode and then press Enter.
Now, go to Settings > Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adapters.
Uninstall driver > Confirm procedure and then restart your Windows 8.
If you are also facing Windows 8 blue screen error we have provided you here some of the sure short and working methods of resolving the problem. Just follow them carefully to get rid of such annoying situation.