How to activate windows 7 without a product key

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Here we’ll discuss the topic of Activating Windows 7 without a product/serial key in simple steps. We all who use Windows 7 get this activation issue when our Windows expires or outdated. Only people having deep knowledge of this subject could do the activation process without help. But those who don’t have an idea of how to resolve this Windows activation issue can read this article and activate Windows 7 in a few minutes. Please read the steps and implement them carefully.

Activate Your Windows 7 For More 120 Days Without Product/Serial Key

Step 1- Click on Windows and you’ll get a search bar.

Step 2- Type Cmd in the search bar and press enter, you’ll get a command prompt program.

Step 3- You have to press right-click on the command prompt listing and choose Run as administrator.

Note: The Last step which is done will give you the complete administrator powers and you could access all features.

Step 4- In the command prompt write “slmgr-rearm” and press enter to get the result.

Note: The command “slmgr-rearm” will run a script and you’ll be asked to restart your computer system. We can use this command only for 3 times for activating the Windows.

Step 5- Now right click on Start Menu and Move the cursor to All Programs. Right-click on Computer & go to properties to check activation status.

Now you have Activated Windows 7 absolutely free for more 30 days. After the expiry, you can follow the same process to get activation for more period.

this is how you resolve the Windows 7 activation issue

you can activate Windows using a phone