How to activate Windows 7 for free of cost

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There are several ways to activate Windows 7 without buying the product. Most of us use Windows 7 and the reason is its amazing platform which is easy to operate. And the basic problem each Windows 7 user faces is the Windows 7 activation issue which remains unresolved until we activate our Windows 7. Now there is an issue of how to resolve this activation issue without spending money on buying the Windows product. Please read some ways to fix the issue, which I have gathered for all my readers.

Free Activate Your Windows 7 Using A Product Key

Most of us know that if we have a product key then we could do this activation procedure in a moment. Incase product key of Windows 7 is missing then look around some websites that are offering free Windows 7 product keys and pick your version’s key from there. Now you just have to click on Start and Open Control Panel, you’ll find an option of Windows activation. Click on this and get a dialog box in which you’ve to enter the product key which you have got. Press Continue and the process starts and Windows 7 will be activated in a few minutes.

Free Activate Your Windows 7 Without Using Product Key

Activating Windows is about making changes in the Windows registry files which is done to get your Windows run smoothly. For activating Windows without product key or serial key, we need Windows activators to execute this task. Windows activators are such software that forcefully makes necessary changes in the registry files. This is not the way to get a genuine Windows copy because this action will only make the activate Windows 7 pop-up null for a time being. The right way to resolve genuine copy of the Windows 7 issue is to buy a copy from store/online or from, the official website.

How To Use phone For Activating Windows 7

Here we are not about to say that the Windows will be activated by phone only. Our phone just plays a small part in this activation task. we have to keep our internet connection switched on before executing the activation process. We’ll follow the same process as told earlier, after clicking on “Activated Windows now” button select “Show me other ways to Activate Windows” now select “Activate Windows Using Phone” and enter the product key when asked. Now you have to select Use Automatic Phone System, enter your administrative credentials when asked. Now select your location of residence and you can call the mentioned numbers there. You’ll get an amazing follow-up from there, the automatic system will guide you further to activate your Windows.