How to activate Windows 7 by phone

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Read the article to collect complete information about how you can activate your Windows 7 PC using your mobile phone.

Normally the Windows 7 activation process is executed when we are connected to a good speed internet power and simply we have to follow the process by entering all data like administrative credentials & serial key. But in case the internet connection is poor and you are not connected then you can use your mobile phone to get your Windows 7 activation free of cost with few simple steps.

Start the Windows Activation Process Using Phone- Open Control Panel

Open Control Panel> System security> System and you will get a screen like below. As you can see there is a link below “23 days to activate. Activate Windows now” you have to click on this link and you will be redirected to the next step.

Now, you will reach a page where you have to pick any one option from the mentioned like Activate Windows Online Now, Ask me later & show me other ways to activate. We are here doing our Windows activation using a phone so we’ll select the last option which isĀ  “show me other ways to activate”.


When we click on the last link we’ll get two more ways to activate our Windows including “Use my modem to connect directly to the activation services” & “Use the automated phone system” and we know we have to click on the second one as we activating Windows using the phone. Next is about finding the location of the phone so we have to fill our location where asked.

Note: You have to mention the right location because the automated phone numbers are different for every location.

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There are now two steps we have to follow in order to activate our Windows 7 using the phone.

Step 1 is to call the toll free number and listen to the conversation carefully. The automated call system will give us an installation id & Confirmation is which we have to type in the desired space respectively in the second and third steps.

Now Windows will verify both the id and if they match with the operating system then the Windows 7 activation process will end and you’ll get a note of “Activation was successful” in the Windows activation panel. Now you can see your control panel which is showing Windows is activated.

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