Fix Start Menu For Windows 10 Not Working

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Start Menu is the main feature of Windows and if it is not working then it makes a disappointing feeling around. Your Windows 10 start menu got stuck and it is not responsive then there is some issue to look around. The most important thing you have to remember before doing fixes is to take the backup of your important files available in your Windows 10 PC. because there might be the chances to lose them. There are some fixes you must try to make your start menu work and these are followed below.

FIX 1- Reboot your PC

Turn off your pc and restart it because there might be some lagging issue due to which start menu screen becomes unresponsive and we think that the menu is not working. In maximum cases, the problem is resolved by doing this reboot operation. To do so see the Windows Menu location at the left bottom of the PC, there is a button of power available there. You have to click on the power button and choose to restart.

FIX 2- Update your PC if there is any pending update

We must keep our system up to date with the new updates. Sometimes it happens when we do not update our system regularly. We can see all the updates of our Windows 10 in the Windows update option. Go to settings> Control Panel> System & Security> Windows update from here you can turn on/off automatic updates, install optional updates, can see updates history and can also check for new updates.

FIX 3- Check For The Corrupt Files In The System

Windows Start Menu issue is one of the issues we face when our Windows 10 system has some corrupts which affect the performance of Windows. To fix it, visit Task Manager ctrl+alt+del. Get administrative authority and click of Run New Task and run Power Shell in Task Manager. In the Power Shell write sfc /scannow and click Return. Now if the system is covered by some corrupt files then it will be shown by Power Shell. If any corrupt file is found then type ISM/Online/Clean-up image/Restore health and run. By this action, Windows will download fresh version of the corrupt files and throw away the corrupt files followed by placing fresh version of files.

FIX 4- Check Your Window’s Apps And Reinstall Them

Apps we have in our system may create some trouble if they got corrupt. So what we have to do is to install all apps available in our Windows, check your important stuff before doing this process.

How To Uninstall Apps- Go to Settings> Apps> Apps & features> Select the app> Uninstall.

How To Reinstall Apps- Visit Store> Search App> Get Button and follow the process with all apps.

FIX 5- Working With New User Profile May Help

If you have the administrative right then create a new user account on your Windows PC. To get a new user account go to Settings> Accounts> Family & other uses> Add someone else to the PC> I do not have this person sign-in information> Add a user without Microsoft account> Enter username> type password> enter clue> Select Next.

I hope this will definitely help you because sometimes our new start menu does not work with the existing user account but when we make a new account, Windows have a different start menu for this another account. It means that if we are using 10 different user accounts in our Windows 10 then Windows have different menu for all of them. So we could try this to resolve the Windows 10 start menu got stuck issue.

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