Explore what start menu for Windows 10 have for you

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From Microsoft we have got new versions of Windows 10 update and in these updates we’ve got a heart-stopping feature of start menu in Windows 10. To see what we have in the start menu, click on Start  in the left corner of the computer which is the location of start menu in Windows 10 and see all apps like mail, calendar, reading list app, onedrive, photos, news and much more.

Apps, programs, tools and all settings at your finger tips

Click on the left side of the menu and scroll towards down to the app list to access all tools, apps & programs in an alphabetical order. In the start menu we could see some main options like File Explorer, settings, power, all apps options through these paths we could access these options. In case we are unable to find any app or any tool then we could do search for that using the “ask me anything” search option which is clearly visibly in the left bottom of the screen.

Windows 10 Start Menu Features & Functions

Windows 10- A great update by Microsoft, start menu is completely updated here which is good if we are looking for some changes. Changes are necessary in everything to overcome boring feeling. To change looks of your Windows 10 start menu or to add, delete apps from the menu you could personalize it accordingly by clicking on  Start  > Settings > Personalize > Start personalizing and customizing the start menu. In this way you could use start menu of Windows 10 and enjoy the latest update of Windows 10 until we are not getting the upcoming update.

Start Menu’s Left Side Description

Here we are having a list of apps which can be used as per need. All the apps are mentioned in alphabetical order so it is easy to pick the we need. Starting from Alarms & Clock as the first app. Scroll down the cursor to see more apps and enjoy the new start menu. We could get all the apps in this section, if you are not getting that then you have the option to normally write the name of app and search for it. You will get suggestions from the Windows 10 start menu of your desired app, simply click on the suggestion and go for it. If your cursor got stuck or your Windows 10 start menu is not working then visit to your nearest Microsoft dealer or read related content.

Open and close this start menu by clicking on this button   and use it as you like. If you are done with your work then there is an option available in the side to make your system sleep, restart and shutdown mode. I hope you can now use this side of start menu without any problem.

Start Menu’s Right Side Description

A very beautiful front is given to the start menu here in Windows 10. The screen is full of apps which forces you to use them. This is designed for all Microsoft Windows users to make their experience more better. We have lots of apps infront of us and those which are nor available, we can add them by Right click on particular app and pin it to the home screen. For those which we do not want on the screen, we can unpin that app and it will disappear from the start menu home screen.


What We Get From Right Click

This right click opens a list of functions which we could use when needed. This short cut makes your work more quick and saves your time which you waste in finding these functions in internal folders. Here is a quick description of this menu.

Program and Features- All programs available in your Windows 10 can be found and accesses here with their unique features.

Power Options- This is about the power options available in the system like about the consumption and remaining power.

Event Viewer- All the events started and attended by you are visible here.

System- What your system consists and implies to you, all info is available here.

Device Manager- Here you can view and control the hardwares available in your Computer.

Network connections- Check your network connections, add wifi, connect to wifi. Similar type of actions could be made from here.

Disc Management- You can manage you drives from this option. Disk management allows you to format drives, to make partition of drives and more.

Computer Management- Manage and monitor the performance of your computer.

Command Prompt- Solve your several issues which you face in Windows using this command prompt function.

Task Manager- See all your programs and monitor them using task manager. You can also run programs according to you using this Manager.

Control Panel- View or change the settings of your system using control panel path. Operating your user account completely with no restrictions.

File Explorer- You can manage and navigate your files, folders and all items you like using this this file explorer’s features.

Search- Make a search and get want you want.

Run- If you know the path of the program or anything you want to open, just write it in and click on Run results in positive.

Shut Down or Sign Out- Tired using the system then shut it down and let it take some rest. Use Shut down or sign out option to make your system off.

Desk Top- By clicking here you get the Desk top so click here to go to home desk top.

How To Change The Size Of Windows 10 Start Menu

It is made very simple for users to make your Windows 10 start menu screen according to their comfort. Just take you cursor at the edge of the start menu and drag it in and out make changes in the size of your start menu.