All You Need to Know About Windows 8.1

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Microsoft Windows is among the legendary names in the technology industry. But the year wasn’t a big hit for the developers. Windows 8 got launched in October 2013. It had many bugs and the problems with it. The whole interface wasn’t really impressive as everyone expected it to be. So, with the first OS Update, Windows 8.1, Microsoft wanted to make all the things right for their users.

This update, according to the feedbacks, is easier to use and browse through than the Windows 8 version. The interface looks the overall the same but the key features of the Windows 8.1 make it a better OS than the previous one. Let’s jump to all the new features that Windows 8.1 have in store for you.

The New Lock Screen
On the lock screen, you can display the pictures of your loved ones and it will display one by one each time to switch on the device. This feature is really good and you can synchronize the images from Sky Drive or from inside the system as well.

Introduction to Bing Search
The Bing Search option is being included in the operating system. This searching tool will search for you everything including both the world wide web and your system information. Like you are searching for a photo of “Bill Gates”. The Bing search will search for “Bill Gates” on your system as well as on the web.

Multi-Tasking made easier
Windows 8.1 has another feature that will allow you multitasking. This means you can simultaneously use more than one app at a time. For example, if you click on a picture from your email, it will open the picture on the default picture application while you can still work on your emails.

The Updated Windows Store
The Windows Store for 8.1 updates is better than all the previous ones. This Windows Store has a collection of all the new, free and paid apps from both PlayStore and App Store. With the advanced AI as well, it will show you the recommended app that you need. There is an app description page which will give you a gist whether to download the app or not.

Access SkyDrive Offline
There is a new feature about the SkyDrive. Your files will be backed up automatically to the SkyDrive when you are connected to the Internet. But you can also access them while you offline, but it can be accessed offline on the system on which it was backed up.

Easily Navigable Settings
The settings of the Settings have changed to a great extent. Microsoft has introduced an easy to navigate menu where you can search for each and every setting that you need to change. You only need to enter what you are going to modify. This will show you a dropdown list from which you can choose from.

There is an auto-predict feature on the all-new Microsoft touchscreen keyboard. So, it will be easier for the user to type faster and with fewer mistakes.

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