Windows 7 laptop heated up fast, how can I resolve this heating issue?

Best solutions if the PC is heated

When a PC gets too hot, it is easy for blue screen errors or other problems to fail. In the most serious cases, it may even happen that the equipment catches fire. An overheated PC works worse, slows down, lasts less and can be annoying when using it.

Some solutions help to refresh the PC and prevent problems. Some are more oriented to fixed equipment and others to laptops. Try the ones that best suit your case. Do not hesitate to combine all the possible tricks to reinforce its effectiveness.

Use your PC in a suitable place

It is the simplest and cheapest way to prevent it from heating up more than necessary.

Leave space around the PC case especially in the back, where is usually the power supply. It also leaves space on the sides, especially if the box has additional fans in addition to the source. When there are fans at the top, do not put anything on top to cover the air inlet. Try that the box is not inside a piece of furniture or shelf, but “in the air.” And if the furniture has a door, keep it open while using the PC or at least open it from time to time.

Do not use the PC on your legs. This is for laptops, of course. Your body is almost 40º C in temperature. It’s like putting a stove under it.

Do not use the PC in a room that is too hot. Ideally, around 20º C. A closed environment contributes to increasing the temperature and the accumulation of dust.

Clean The Equipment:

The most important thing is to remove dust, hair and all kinds of things that stick to the fan blades. They make them slow down and cool less. Or they can even cause them to break down completely.

Important Aspects:

Turn off the PC and unplug it from the power before cleaning the fans. It is essential to unplug it as well because current can remain even with the equipment switched off.

An excellent way to remove dust is to use a finger, even if it sounds weird. You can also use a cloth or a cloth, but make sure they do not loose strands or “hair.” Another option is to buy a specific type of compressed air sprays to clean the dust. They are effective but be careful with them. If you aim poorly, the air jet can tear some component of the plate and damage it.

If you have a fixed PC open the PC box and clean all the fans that are there. At least they will be the power supply and the CPU and maybe one in the box itself. It is much more complicated (and dangerous) to open a laptop. In that case, clean at least the outer ventilation slots (where air comes out when it is turned on).

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