What windows vista have for you?

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“Windows Vista” an O.S (Operating System) released publically on 30th January 2007, produced by the Microsoft Company for the use of Personal computers, including home, business desktops, laptops, Tablet- Media Center PCs. This release was an upgrade in the Microsoft Line of Operating System to the Windows XP aiming at better security. With its iteration, a significant change, an upgrade was seen in both the design and the aesthetic features provided along with it, as the key focus was to create an operating system which would provide a user-friendly experience than its ancestor Win XP.

Windows Vista is basically a less polished version of Windows 7, which means that Windows 7 is a more polished, refined Vista. Working upon the same underlying engine and underpinnings Windows 7 under the hood is as same as Windows Vista.

The dramatic intent for this Windows Upgrade was to provide a better user experience, though Windows Vista has received quite a number of negative feedbacks and assessments for it is far too restrictive and very incompatible with a wide range of software and hardware. Windows had released several updates which include an updated Graphical User Interface and visual style, dubbed Aero, Windows Search, and tools such as Windows DVD Maker, some other communication updates using the peer to peer technology. With such updates, new features and security updates it had managed to garn some positive reviews. But still, Windows Vista remains of the least known, less popular Operating System.  After its release, many users had opted either to use the old XP or wait for Windows 7.

Editions of Windows Vista:-

  •    Windows Vista Ultimate
  •    Windows Vista Business
  •    Windows Vista Home Premium
  •    Windows Vista Starter
  •    Windows Vista Home Basic
  •    Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows Vista had been released in six different editions, roughly divided into two markets with different editions varying to cater and target the specific sub-markets i.e. for the consumers and for the purpose of business. Every edition of Windows Vista supports both the 32- Bit( x32) and 64- Bit( x64) processor architectures except the Windows Vista Starter, which was made for the lower end computers. The Windows Vista Home edition cannot join Windows Server Domain.

Different Visual Styles Of Windows Vista:-

Windows Vista has mainly four distinct visual styles-Windows Aero, Windows Standard, Windows Vista Basic, and Windows Vista Standard

Minimum System Requirements:-

  •    CPU:- < 1 MHz Intel-Compatible
  •    RAM:- At least 512 MB RAM
  •    Hard Drive:- At least 20 GB of disk drive space
  •    The optical drive will need DVD Drive for Windows installation through DVD
  •    Graphics-Video     Card 32mb and DirectX v.9.0 Compatible
  •    Sound Card
  •    At least Windows 2000 or Windows XP to upgrade

Microsoft had ended Windows Vista mainstream support, 5 yrs after its launch, with extended support ending in 2017. This means that there won’t be any bug fixes or any security patches or any technical help. This makes Windows Vista vulnerable to malicious attacks without any official support.

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