No Audio In Windows 7

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Lets talk about resolving sound issues in windows 7 for PC. This problem is very common in computers working on windows 7. There are many windows 7 users who write me about this no sound problem in windows 7 and I tell them accordingly. Please go through the article to know how to resolve no audio issues in windows 7.

How Can I Fix No Sound Problem In Windows 7?

We have some basic functions which many people usually don’t use frequently so they could not explore why the sound not working. Here I am writing some of them.

You have to make sure that your sound settings are set to default or not. If it is then leave it, your sound setting is good here.
Make sure that the windows drivers are installed properly or not. If not then reinstall them and then try.
Set your audio driver to update automatically.
You can see the audio format, it is ok or not.

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