How to resolve wifi not working issue in windows 7

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The connection problems may be related to the service provided by the Internet provider we have hired. However, even if the ADSL is working properly and the telephone wiring of our home is in order, there are many aspects that we must take into account to make a diagnosis of the problem and be able to solve it.

Along the following lines, we will review the most fundamental while analyzing failures concerning the browser and other applications that make intensive use of the online connection.

Fast diagnosis away from the router

If the Internet does not work and the router is in another room, or its pilots seem to indicate that the service is active, pinging one of the servers online is a quick and effective way to make a diagnosis. With this, you can find out if the connection does not work at all or if what causes you to be unable to access the Network is due to more specific problems, such as software failures that you are using, an infection caused by the malware, an incorrect configuration of the firewall and so on.

Thanks to the ping utility, which is included with Windows 7, you can send embedded ICMP request messages in IP data packets that will include an identifier number and a series of 32-bit digits. After sending, a response from the server will be awaited, which will also include a 32-bit sequence that must match that of the sent packet.

So, perform this check using the search box of the Start menu to find cmd.exe. Then, open the tool and type in the term ping followed by the name of a website to which you can connect without problems (for example, ping

If the test is favorable, the response time of the connection will be shown, which will help you evaluate its speed. If, on the other hand, the message is displayed the ping request could not find the host, probably the problem lies in the router, in the wiring, in the Wi-Fi connection or in other aspects that we will analyze next.

When telephone wiring give the issue

If there is no connection at all, restarting the router and the computer is the most obvious solution, and often the most effective. However, if this does not work and you suspect that the problem lies in the first one, pay attention to the pilot that indicates the state of the line. If it is off or blinking slowly, the device is trying to synchronize the ADSL signal provided by your Internet provider. If the latter confirms that there are no connection problems in your area, try restarting the router again, but this time it waits two or three minutes between restart and restart.

In case you still have no connection, check the links and wiring. Keep in mind that an excess of microfilters connected to your home network can cause contingencies, so at first, try to disconnect all the phones that use them. Subsequently, if the connection is successful, reconnect them one by one to certify which is causing the incident.

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