How can you download and get windows sound recorder?

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Windows is one of the most powerful operating systems till date that has surprised us with a lot of beautiful features. It is a fully loaded operating system with a vast number of tools inbuilt inside. But apart from all those how can we forgot about the one that is being added late on for improving the functioning of our device.

Sound recorder is one of the best and indeed an example for your windows that can help you out in making an audio file even with the help of a microphone input as well. Moreover, if you are planning a game; it is one of the best options that you can rely on freely. One of the best things about this fantastic application is that it takes you miles away from the headache of thinking about formats about the files that you are going to record and manage.

Why use Windows Sound Recorder?

One question that would admittedly be striking your mind is that why to use this Windows Sound Recorder app if already have there a by default one as well? We are here going you to introduce with some fantastic features of this beautiful app so that you can grab the information and well jump upon the conclusion whether you need to or not install Windows Sound Recorder.

  • Amazing sound control: – Windows Sound Recorder is one of the most beautiful setups that offer you excellent control over the sounds. It is a handy audio recorder that will enable you to set the tones and edit them as per your convenience.
  • More extended sound recording: – You can now easily record an audio clip for up to three hours per recording file; it means that you are now going to have an unlimited sound recording now. Just capture your moments now, and record your presentations as well and make your friends impressed with the help of this beautiful app.
  • Allow multi-functioning: – Windows Sound Recorder is a beautiful app that enables you to perform multiple tasking on your computer system as well while running this app in back as well.
  • Multi-tasking: – Along with sound recording; Windows Sound Recorder also enables you to make recording notes and memos at a very high speed; all you need to do here is to activate it via Cortana.

How to download and install Windows Sound recorder to your Windows operating system?

If you are willing to improve your working experience with your Windows operating system; install a Windows Sound Recorder on your computer system by following the given steps:

  • Open your web browser and search the Microsoft store there.
  • Once done; you will be there with a new Windows showing you the home screen of Microsoft.
  • Make a sign in to the store using your Microsoft account.
  • On the successful completion of the above process; make a search for the option of Windows Sound Recorder in the search bar.
  • You will be provided with some options there; offering you free and premium apps as well. Being a beginner; we prefer here you to go with the free one.
  • Just choose the latest and advanced version of the one that suits well to your Windows as well.
  • Once done; you will be provided with two options under heading Free on the left side of your home screen.
  • Just click upon the option of getting to let it install on your Windows instantly.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete the installation process, and once it’s done; you can easily find the related app icon on your desktop from where you can easily access it in future.

How to use Windows Sound Recorder?

The app comes up with a quite simple user-friendly interface; you can easily record your desired sounds by just pressing the Record options provided in it. And meanwhile, you are willing to pause it for some time press Pause option. For resuming the same recording again you have to press Pause again and if you have done with tape and now are willing to stop it; just press Stop to end up with recording.

Conclusion: – So, what are you waiting for; enhance your experience with the sound recording; with the help of this beautiful app. Or you can also go for surprising your friends with the help of prerecorded presentations and memos. Hope; the provided article will help you a lot in getting this beautiful app on your device.

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