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Get Help In Sorting Out Sound Issues In Windows 7

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If you are a Windows 7 user, you will better know the thing that how annoying it became when you sent up a Windows, and there is no sound at all. It is one of the widespread problems that most of us inevitably have faced at least once while reinstalled Windows 7. So, for taking out a solution for all of your worries and queries, we have summed up here one of the best solutions to deal with this annoying problem. Although Windows 7 is an outdated version of the Windows operating system. There are still many devices present across the globe which are running on Windows 7. What are the steps one should follow in order to restore the Audio settings back to normal? This article will help you in solving Audio problems in Windows 7 operating devices. The article will provide you with the steps of how to solve the Audio problem. So let’s start:

There are quite a few methods of solving this type of problems in Windows 7.

Change The Audio Format

Sometimes, situations may occur where due to the format of the audio the operating system is not able to play that particular file. So to solve this problem, Right click on Speakers/Headphone icon which is present at the bottom right corner of the taskbar. In the pop-up menu select Playback devices option. In the Playback menu select the default audio device and then click on Properties. Under the Properties option click on the Advance button. In the Advance, section selects a different audio rate and then test. Play a music to see if the format works. If it does press OK.

Set your audio device to default

Sometimes any changes in the settings of audio may cause a serious issue with the sound, so if it is the reason setting you your audio device to default is one of the best solutions you can ever have. All you need to do is:

  • Open the Headphone or speaker icon present at the bottom right of your taskbar and then make a click on it.
  • It will open up the list of various devices and audio settings over there on your computer system, tap on the option of Playback devices.
  • Click on the audio device to set it to default.
  • That’s it. Now, open up any of your audio or video file to check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Reinstallation Of The Audio Driver

The sound problem in the window may also occur if the Audio Driver is not functioning well. In order to solve this, you can follow the below steps:
Click on Start button and type Device Manager Or in your keyboard press the Windows and R button simultaneously to run the command option. In that dialog box type dev mgmt. MSc and then press Enter. In the Device Manager select Sound, Video and Game Controllers section, right click on that and click Uninstall. Restart your Windows 7 and the operating system will automatically reinstall the audio driver. Play the music and see if the problem is solved or not.

Alter the audio settings

If you have tried with the above solution and still don’t have got any solution for the above problem you can correct it by adding changes to the audio settings option. Just follow the steps given below for the same.

  • Just select the Speakers or headphone option provided in the bottom right corner of your taskbar.
  • Click on the Play devices option among the provided options.
  • Once done with it, now tap on the default audio device option followed by clicking on Properties.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, go to the Advanced Settings option.
  • You will view various options provided in the dedicated page, select on Test option to go further with the process.
  • You are done with it now. Just check the music or video on your Windows 7 to see if the problem has been resolved yet or not.
  • If it is done, set it and then press OK to confirm the changes made.

Update the Audio Driver

If any of the above methods do not solve the problem then you have to update your audio driver. In case you are not easy in doing by yourself you can take the help of Driver Easy.
Driver Easy will automatically get to know your system and provide you with the correct drivers. In case you don’t exactly know about the system you are working upon you do not need to take the risk in downloading and then installing a wrong driver.

Through Driver Easy one can easily update their drivers either for free or by the Pro version.
The above-given methods will help you in solving the sound problems that might have occurred in the Windows 7 operating system devices.


Most of us inevitably have faced no sound problem while working on your Windows 7. It is one of the annoying situations that none of us surely want to meet. We have added you here four different methods to deal with the situation. Hope they will figure out all of your problems quickly.

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