All You Need to Know About the All New Windows 10

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Windows 10 is the OS version that returned the glory to Microsoft. After the buggy Windows 8, Microsoft was under a great criticism and was about to be overtaken by its competitors. The news of the release of Windows 10 made everyone curious and they all have waited for it to come. We may say that Windows 10 was worth the wait. In this article, we will list all the features that make Windows 10 the ultimate OS that your system should have.

The Return of Start Menu

The Start menu is resurrected. With the introduction of Windows 10, we all can mark the return of the start menu which was nowhere to be found in the previous version. It is more sophisticated than before. It has two different panels. The first has the pinned items that you use frequently and the other panel have all the applications installed in your system.


Microsoft has introduced the ears of the system. Cortana is on the desktop. Now you can lay down lazily and make your laptop do all the work. You can do all the moderate work like planning an event, searching for something specific and many more things. Now you can do all these things with Cortana.

Gaming on Windows 10

Now you don’t have to spend money on buying an Xbox. Windows 10 support Xbox game streaming on your PC as well as on your Microsoft tablet. The speed and the smoothness have also improved. And we can say that you will love the gaming experience on your PC more than on your Xbox.

The Continuum

The Continuum!! This is a special feature introduced by Microsoft in the Windows 10. Microsoft has introduced new laptops which can switch into tablets whenever you feel like. With the continuum in it, you can easily switch to either mode.

Notification Panel or Action Center?

The notification panel is improved. This time we may call it an Action Center. It’s the place where the system will collect all the alerts from all the applications and show it to you in a collective manner so that you might not miss anything. You can check on the action center by clicking on that small messaging looking icon on the right corner of your screen.

Unified Control Panel and PC Settings

Unity between the control panel and PC settings. You read it right. You don’t have to use two different screens for Control Panel and PC Settings. So, Microsoft brings it to you. A unified Control Panel and PC Settings. It will really make things easy to use as well as simple.

Windows 10 has some of the most amazing features of the decade. And you will totally fall in love with the interface. So, you just got to try the all-new Windows 10 OS.

Comment down below which features do you like the most about the Windows 10 OS. Share this article with your friends and family. They also have to know about the all-new Windows 10 and use it as soon as possible.

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